Explanation of Leave Not Due

I shall here share the Explanation of Leave Not Due. It is a kind of leave that may be granted to an employee even if the employee has not leave in his/her credit but he/she can be granted the Leave Not Due on certain conditions / grounds. Detail is as under:

                Leave not due may be granted to an employee on full pay that to be offset against his/her leave to be earned in future. He/she can be granted this kind of leave for maximum 365 days during his/her entire service. This leave may not be exceeding more than 90 days during his/her 1st five years service.

                Such kind of leave may be converted into leave on half pay. Leave not due shall be granted only where there are reasonable chances of the employee to be resume the duty on expiry of the leave.

                Leave not due shall be granted to the employee sparingly and to the satisfaction of the sanctioning authority.  

Detail of Leave Not Due Extracted from ESTA CODE

Leave Not Due

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