Decision 10% Increase Salary Federal Employees not withdrawn Miftah says

According to the GEO News and other TV News Channels, decision of a 10% Increase Salary Federal Employees, the Government has not withdrawn. Earlierr the Govt decided to increase pay and pension wef 1st April 2022 @ 10%.  The details are as under:


10% Increase Salary Federal Employees Decision Not Withdrawn



As per the statement of the Federal Finance Minister, Miftah Ismael, the Government has not taken back the decision of a 10% increase in Pay, Pension. The Government has also not withdrawn the decision to increase wages rates to a minimum of 25,000/- per month. On 11th April 2022, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif announced in his first speech the following:


  • Increase in Pension @ 10%
  • Increase In pay @ 10%
  • Minimum Wages/Salary @ 25,000/- per month

Story of 10% Pay Raise


Later on Miftah Ismael in his statement said that Government will increase the salaries in the coming budget. However, Finance Division issued the Notification of Increase in Pension @ 10% April 2022 and Minimum Salary Rs. 25000/- on 14th April 2022.

Now once again while in London, Miftah Ismael said that the decision to increase salary by 10%, the Government has not taken back. It means the salaries of the employees may increase by 10% if the Finance Minister keeps on his statement today. Let’s see and hope for the best.


Decision 10% Increase Salary Federal Employees



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