Notification Winter Vacation 2023 Federal Government FDE Islamabad

Government of the Pakistan, Federal Directorate of Education Islamabad issued a Notification on 07-12-2023 in connection with Winter Vacation 2023 Federal Government FDE Islamabad. As per the Notification, the Federal Educational Institutions Islamabad will remain closed wef 25-12-2023 to 29-12-2023 due to winter Holidays in Schools and Colleges of Islamabad. The details are as under:

Winter Holidays /  Winter Vacation 2023 Federal Government FDE Islamabad


Federal Directorate of Education academic wing issues letter about the announcement of winter vacations. According to the letter it is informed to all the heads of institutions Islamabad model school colleges ex federal government colleges including urban and rural areas colleges Islamabad. The winter vacation will be observed in the educational institutions working under the supervision of the federal directorate of education. The vacations will start from 25th December to 29 December 2023.  During the winter vacations, there will be no educational activity. All the instructional as well as clerical staff will be off duty. Except Those who are responsible for visiting the schools and college on assigned days.


Winter Holidays from 25th Dec, up to 29th December 2023


FDE director general approves the subject matter of winter vacation we defect from 25th December 2023 up to 29 December 2023.


Sr. No Start of Winter Vacations End of Winter Vacations Reopening of Schools
1. Monday,

25th December 2023


29 December 2023


1st January 2024

All teaching and non-teaching staff will not do any duty during vacations. Only heads or nominated staff members may visit to check the school conditions of assets on assigned days.

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Commencement of Winter Holidays 2023


There are 05-casual winter Holidays including 02 -weekends.  holidays as Saturday and Sunday. All the students may get short winter assignments to do during vacations. Every institution resumes its educational activities from 1st, January 2024.

The competent authority informs all the managerial staff regarding the commencement of winter holidays. They must complete their important educational activities before the start of vacations. remaining activities will resume from 1st, January 2024.  All students must ensure they will complete their home assignments within a given time. As there every institution may conduct monthly tests. So, they must use this time to get ready for the upcoming tests too. Punjab Government School Education Department has already issued the Notification of Revised Schedule Winter Vacation Punjab 2023 for schools.



Notification Winter Vacation 2023 Federal Government FDE Islamabad

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