Revised Pay Structure/Allowances for TEs & DTEs Posted in DSD Punjab

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued Notification NO. SO (TRG)2-4/2014 dated 12th February 2014 in connection with Revised Pay Structure/Allowances for TEs & DTEs Posted in DSD Punjab, Lahore. According to this Notification, The Chief Minister has pleased to approve the the following revised pay structure/allowances for the staff posted or to be posted in future in DSD, Punjab wef 01-01-2014.

Sr No. Category New Pay Structure Approved
1 District Teacher Educator (DTE) Usual Pay & Allowances in the relevant Pay Scale plus Rs. 9000/- as DTE Allowance, in lieu of Special Pay at the rate of Rs.3000/- PM and mobility allowance for DTEs at the rate of Rs.1500/- PM already allowed vide Notification No. SO (SNE) DSD/2005 dated 07th August 2006.
2 Teacher Educator (TE) a- The Pay may be converted from lump sum pay package to usual pay & allowances of BS-17 plus 30% Social Security Allowance.

b- For public sector teachers, regular pay & allowances in their respective pay scales plus one third of basic pay as drawn on 30th June 2011 of their respective pay scales.

This post has been delivered by Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Sajid.


Revised Pay Structure

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One thought on “Revised Pay Structure/Allowances for TEs & DTEs Posted in DSD Punjab

  1. I think this is not on, on the one hand the previous govt was trying to remove anomalies between pays and salaries of different govt organization like courts, PM house, President house where an driver and orderly was receiving more pay than a grade-17 gazetted officer, and now this govt is very wrongly creating further anomalies by giving benefits to some cadres and deptts like Education Deptt, now a grade-17 officer in education deptt will receive a far handsome pay then the other ones. This tendency needs to be removed forthwith so that other may not feel that they are being ignored, there is a stern need that a grade 16 or 17 receive the same pay.


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