Date of Announcement of Budget 2021-22 Pakistan

The Government has issued the tentative date of announcement of budget 2021-22 Pakistan. The various newspapers as well as the Finance Minister Mr. Shaukat Tareen mentioned the same on 23-05-2021.


Tentative Date of Announcement of Budget 2021-22


11th June 2021 (Friday)


The preparation of Budget 2021-22 is under process and there are many chances that the Government of Pakistan will declare the Fiscal Budget 2021-2022 on Friday 11-06-2021.

            If there is no final budget till that date Government may do an amendment to it. According to the Budget Call Circular 2021-22, the date, the Finance Division announced was the 1st week of June 2021. But now they decided to announce the same in the 2nd week of June 2021.


Date of Announcement of Budget 2021-22 Pakistan


Government Employees & Budget 2021-2022


Every year the Government employees wait for the Budget as this is the time when they hope Government can do something for the employees. The Budget is always important for the Government employees. The shopkeepers, businessmen, etc adjust themselves as per the prices /rates in the market at any time. When the rates of the items increase, they increase their prices.

                 These are only Government employees that can do nothing and face the increase in rates of the utilities. They are forced to purchase the items at high rates even their salaries don’t, raise at any moment. They have to just wait for the budget. Their all expectations are from the budget. If the rates of the daily use items increase they have to wait a long to adjust themselves. They are just hearing various news regarding an increase in salary in Budget 2021-22. They hear the same every year but at the announcement of the budget, they get nothing or a minor.


Previous Budget 2020-21


If we see the history the previous Budget 2020-21 was the worst for the employees and pensioners. The government of Pakistan and Punjab, KP, and Balochistan did not increase even a single penny in that budget. Only Sindh Government issued Notification of 5% & 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance. This allowance, the Sindh Government granted @ 5% for BPS-17 and above. 10% Govt granted to the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16. In the same way, Gilgit-Baltistan Government announced in July 2020 a 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2020 for their employees. The majority of the employees belong to the Punjab province. Hence these employees were deprived of their salary increase.


What Government Can Do in this Budget 2021-22?


It seems that Government can do better for the employees and pensioners this time. The Government can raise the salaries and pension of the employees. The Federal Government has already notified for Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 @ 25%. This allowance, the employees will get till 30th June 2021. After that this allowance, the Government will merge it into basic pay.

            As per the agreement of the employees and the Federal ministers, they have to raise a total of 40% salary of the employees. Previously, the Government agreed to enhance the salary @ 40% but with effect from 1st July 2021. Later on, according to the agreement, they decided to grant 25% at the spot and remaining within the budget. So there are chances that the Government of Pakistan may enhance the pay of the employees @ 15% more.

            Punjab Government has also approved the 25% special allowance for the Punjab employees with effect from June 2021. This allowance is also till 30th June 2021.KPK and Balochistan Government have not announced any package for the employees.

            Let’s wait what the Finance Division does for this DRA 2021 and Special Allowance in the coming Budget. The employees are also looking for how much further Government can increase the salaries of the employees in Budget 2021-22.


Proposal of 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021


According to the Daily Jang dated 27-05-2021, the Federal Government has a proposal of 10% as ARA-2021 (Adhoc Relief Allowance). This depends on the approval of the provincial Governments.



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