Grant of Permission to Draw the Arrears of Pay & Allowances

Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued a Notification on 01-3-2022 in connection with Grant of Permission to Draw the Arrears of Pay & Allowances. The details are as under:

Grant of Permission to Draw the Arrears of Pay & Allowances Sindh

In continuation of this department’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) letter of even number dated 10.01.2017. In the same way, subsequent clarification vide letter No.FD(SR-I) 1(84)/2017, dated 18.08.2017. Finance Department has been pleased to revise the limit for clearance of arrears of Pay & Allowances against Regular Salary. This is only, in order to facilitate early and quick disposal of arrear cases, at Accountant General Sindh and District Accounts Offices concerning level, as per following detail:-


Revised Policy Decision

Existing Policy Revised Policy Decision
As per Para.04 of the Fiance Department SOPs No.FD(E&A)9(58)/2017 dated 10.01.2017 and subsequent clarification vide letter No.FD(SR-I)1(84)/2017, dated 18.08.2017 power of clearance of arrears against Pay & Allowances up to Rs.150,000/- to Accountant General, Sindh / District Account Offices level. The Accountant General, Sindh / District Accounts Offices are hereby authorized to clear liabilities of areas on account of pay and allowance up to Six months Regular Salary only (without splitting the claim period), subject to the condition that claims of arrears is not more than six years old. The rest of the conditions as mentioned in the previous policy will remain the same.

Categories of Arrears


  1. Further, while clearing claims of salary arrears, they should ensure that claims of areas fall within the following categories:-


i) New Appointment: subject to the confirmation that appointment is against sanctioned strength.  And before the opening of I.D / Hiring on SAP System, concerned Secretary / Appointing Authorities should verify genuineness.

ii) Transfer / Posting: Subject to the confirmation that such orders are against vacant posts.

iii) Intervening Period: if decided as awaiting of posting/duty (subject to confirmation that said period was not as Extra Ordinary Leave which is not convertible into any kind of leave).


  1. In case of violation of the Policy / Rules, A.G Office / DAO / DDO concerned will be held responsible.


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Grant of Permission to Draw the Arrears of Pay & Allowances

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