Payment of Full Allowances during Leave on Half Pay

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (Regulations Wing) has issued a U.O No. 1(1)R-4/2017 on 03-07-2020 in connection with Payment of Full Allowances during Leave on Half Pay. The same letter, the Finance Division sent to the Office of the Controller General of Accounts.


Full Allowances during Leave on Half Pay

According to the U.O, the clarification, the Finance Division issued that the Accounts Office should pay full Adhoc relief Allowances to the employee who is on half-pay leave.  It is further they explained that during leave on half pay only Conveyance Allowance they should deduct from the employee availing leave. The following allowance they should pay in full:


  • House Rent Allowance
  • Orderly Allowance
  • Medical Allowance etc
  • All other Allowances (Except CA)


It is clear from the above reference that During Leave on Half Pay, the employees pay and allowances will be as under:


  • Basic Pay: Half for the days, the leaves, the employee gets
  • Conveyance Allowance: No CA the employee will get
  • Other Allowances: Half of the allowances


What About Pay and Allowances on Full Pay?


On Full pay the employee will get the following pay and allowances:


  • Basic Pay: Full Basic Pay
  • Conveyance Allowance: No CA
  • Other Allowances: All Allowances @ full allowances


Pay and Allowances for Leave without Pay


An employee can also get leave without pay if the employee has not leaves in his/her credit or other reasons. During the leave without pay, the following the employee will get:


  • Basic Pay: No Basic Pay
  • Conveyance Allowance: No CA
  • Other Allowances: No allowance



Payment of Full Allowances during Leave on Half Pay


Why Leave on Half Pay?


The employee can get leave on half-pay. Sometimes the employee has not enough leaves in his/her credit and he /she wants more leaves. For example, if an employee needs 20 leaves and he has only 12 leaves in his/her credit. In this situation, he can convert his 10 leaves in leave on half pay or partial some leaves on full pay, and some at half pay leave.





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14 thoughts on “Payment of Full Allowances during Leave on Half Pay

  1. As mentioned above, conveyance allowance is not admissible during paid maternity leave. Kindly provide notification of federal govt regarding non-payment of conveyance allowance during leave on full pay. Thanks

  2. Is it possible that I can proceed on lpr on half pay when I reach at the age of 58 years because on half pay two years leave will be treated as on year leave as every two days
    leav e on half payll be considered one day leave on full pay

  3. Sir, there is a contradiction in office order and your explanation mentioned under the heading of Half Pay…..i.e in order full allowance to be paid while you mentioned ”half of the allowance” in 2nd paragraph…. my English is not weak but I hope you will get my viewpoint…


  4. I want to proceed on lpr on half pay and I have 365 days leave I’n my leave account then I think I have to proceed on lpr at the age of 58 years is it possible plz rply

  5. In the last line of above notification it is mentioned that adhoc relief allowances will be paid in full during leave on half pay. How can be an adhoc allowance paid in full which is being granted on running basic pay while the basic pay becomes half during leave on half pay then such adhoc will also become half automatically. Please some body clarify the last sentence/line of above notification. Thanks

    1. It is the reality that Adhoc Relief Allowances based on Basic Pay and it is always counted as separated allowance, it is not then counted towards pension or any other benefit as the Basic Pay.


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