Budget Speech Gilgit Baltistan (GB) 2021 and DRA / Adhoc Allowance

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As per the Budget Speech Gilgit Baltistan (GB) 2021, Government has increased the salaries of the employees. GB Govt announced Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 (DAR-2021) and Adhoc Relief Allowance for the employees. The details are as under:


Budget Speech Gilgit Baltistan (GB) 2021 and Salary Increase

  • Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 @ 25% with effect from 1st March 2021
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance ARA 2021 from BPS-01 to BPS-22 with effect from 1st July 2021 @ 10% of the running basic pay.
  • Minimum wage rates the GB Govt fixed Rs. 20000/- per month.
  • Technical Allowance 150% of the Initial basic pay for the employees of BPS-`17 and above who are Diploma Holders and Architects with effect from 1st July 2021.
  • Ardali Allowance, the GB Government enhanced from Rs. 14000/- per month to 17000/- per month as per Federal Govt
  • Integrated Allowance from Rs. 450/- per month to Rs. 900/- per month for class IV Employees.


Special Thanks: Mr. Ibrahim Mhd & Mr. Khadim Hussain


GB Budget 2021-22 in Brief

▪︎Total Outlay: 105B, 54% Increase
▪︎Total Development Budget: 44.2B
▪︎GB ADP: 18B, 20% Increase
▪︎Fed. PSDP: 20B, 100% Increase
▪︎Other PSDP= 6B
Total Non-Dev. Budget: 51.7B
-Grant-in-Aid: 47B, 47% Increase
-Other: 4.7

Wheat Subsidy

-Wheat Subsidy: 8B, 33% Increase
-The Wheat Sale Proceed: 2B

Major Special Allocations from Regular Budget

Health Department: 60.1 Cr, 67% Increase
Education Department: 34.7Cr., 24% Increase
Works Department: 1.2B, 111% Increase
Power Department: 1.3B, 138% Increase
Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries: 7.6 Cr., 104% Increase
PTI’s GB Govt Annual Development Plan

High Impact Dev. Interventions

▪︎Master Planning of GB’s cities, towns & village: 3.5B
▪︎CM Special Interventions for Underdeveloped Areas: 5.0B
▪︎Scaling Up Nutrition Extension to GB

New Dev. Schemes

▪︎Total New Dev. Schemes Initiated: 731
▪︎Total Cost of New Dev. Schemes: 41.93B

Power Sector

▪︎New Schemes: 31
▪︎Cost: 3.334B

Education Sector

▪︎New Schemes: 115
▪︎Cost: 4.7B

Expected Outputs

▪︎Tech. Training Centers in 7 Tehsils
▪︎New Primary Schools for Girls: 47
▪︎ Primary Schools for Boys (New): 16
▪︎New Middle Schools: 6
▪︎New Public Schools: 4
▪︎Degree Colleges for Women: 3
▪︎Degree Colleges for Men: 2
▪︎New College of Education: 1
▪︎Initiative for HR Recruitment to Operationalise non-function schools
▪︎An initiative of Schools Buses: 28.5 Crores

Health Sector

Total New Schemes: 97
Cost: 4.15B
Expected Outputs:
New Health Facilities: 95
including 16 upgradations
New Hospitals: 6
-10-bedded: 3
-20-Bedded: 2
-30-Bedded: 1
-50-Bedded Upgradation: 3
-New Trauma Centers: 2
-New Oxygen Gen. Plants: 4
▪︎Health HR Recruitment Initiative: 12B
▪︎Psych. Department in 3 Division
▪︎Children & Women Hospital in Chilas
Works Department
-New Schemes: 15
-Cost: 33.8Cr.
-New Schemes: 72
-Cost: 4.62
-New Schemes: 166
-Cost: 11.66B
Social Welf./Women Dev/Child Protection
New Schemes: 23
Cost: 83.7 Cr
▪︎Legislation for Women Empowerment
▪︎New Model Voc. Centers: 10
▪︎Helpline for Women
▪︎Rehabilitation Centers for PWDs
New Schemes: 23
Cost: 8.37B

Chief Minister’s Special Initiatives

Total Cost: 5.1B
Health Sector Reforms: 1.5B
▪︎Provision of Specialized Ambulances: 20Cr.
▪︎Provision of Mortuary Vans: 5Cr.
▪︎Universal Health Coverage: 5.5Cr.
▪︎Operationalization of All DHQs: 70Cr.
Education Sector Reforms: 50Cr.
▪︎Education for All-Making it Possible: 45Cr.
▪︎Establishing ECD Centers: 5Cr.
Public Sector Reforms: 1.1B
▪︎Police Mobile Vehicles: 10 Cr.
▪︎Tech. & Vocat. Training: 9.8Cr.
▪︎Soft-Loans for Entrepreneurial Activities: 10Cr.
▪︎Horticulture Development: 10Cr.
▪︎Poverty Alleviation & Collaboration with Ehsaas Prog.: 5 Cr.
▪︎Relief & New Buses for NATCO: 55Cr.
▪︎Purchase of Add. KCBl Shares: 10Cr.

Incentives & Grants for Line Department and Doctors

Line Department Employees
▪︎ DRA, 25%, 2.6B
Special Package for Doctors
80% to 150% on running basic for different cadres and categ., 15Cr. per Annum
Service Structure for Nurses
▪︎5-tier for Nursing Cadre of Health Department, 1.3Cr.
Shuhadah Package for GB Police & BD Squad
▪︎Lumpsum Grant
▪︎Pay & Allowance till the age of superannuation
▪︎Cash Payment in Lieu of Plot
▪︎Permanent & Temporary Incapacitation Grant: One-Time Grant
▪︎Accommodation-As per CM Assistance Pkg
▪︎Employment- As per CM Assistance Pkg
▪︎Educational Expenses reimbursement



Budget Speech Gilgit Batistan (GB) 2021 and DRA Adhoc Allowance

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